Adv. RAJKUMAR Muthukrishnan
Adv. RAJKUMAR Muthukrishnan
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    Experience : 5-8 years
    Practice : Criminal Law, Family
    Enrollment No : MS/3633/2014
    Languages : English, Tamil
    Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
    Fee for 30 Min. Consultation: 13000 /-
Specialization :
Criminal Law, Family
Qualification of Expert : M.A., L.LB
Institutions : Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) Madras, City Civil and Sessions Court, Chennai, Court of Small Causes, Chennai
Information :
Adv. RAJKUMAR Muthukrishnan is very dedicated and passionate lawyer. Adv. RAJKUMAR Muthukrishnan has been dealing with clients in legal services since 2014 and having 5-8 years of experience in dealing with Legal issues of wide variety of clients. Adv. RAJKUMAR Muthukrishnan is expert at drafting and reviewing contracts and internal policies in accordance with all applicable regulations and also having expert hands on defining and developing legal policies and procedures while advising on all major business transactions. Adv. RAJKUMAR Muthukrishnan has achieved a degree of M.A., L.LB.

Adv. RAJKUMAR Muthukrishnan has also conducted research and reviewed many cases and transactions to ensure maximum benefit to the client with minimal risk. Adv. RAJKUMAR Muthukrishnan has drafted and renewed many agreements on a regular basis for different corporate needs like product distribution, supply, licensing, and advertising and many more. Adv. RAJKUMAR Muthukrishnan is well known for following skills of Leadership, Communication, Problem Solving, Time Management, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Handling Pressure.

Adv. RAJKUMAR Muthukrishnan specialized in matters related to Criminal Law, Family. Adv. RAJKUMAR Muthukrishnan is residing at Chennai & Tamil Nadu and practicing at Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) Madras, City Civil and Sessions Court, Chennai, Court of Small Causes, Chennai. Adv. RAJKUMAR Muthukrishnan's Bar Council ID is: MS/3633/2014.

Prcticing in high court and district courts Chennai Tamil Nadu. Specialization area family law, criminal law all matter.


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