Adv. Pavitra Panwar
Adv. Pavitra Panwar
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    Experience : 8-10 years
    Practice : Criminal Law
    Enrollment No : D/388/17
    Languages : English, Hindi
    Location: Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.
    Fee for 30 Min. Consultation: 1300 /-
Specialization :
Criminal Law
Qualification of Expert : B.a, LL.B, LL.M
Institutions : District Court, Ghaziabad
Information :
Adv. Pavitra panwar is very passionate and ambitious lawyer who possesses a good knowledge of law and also has a proven record of providing indispensable advice to clients. Adv. Pavitra panwar is a quick learner who can quickly absorb new situations and can handle it very effectively.

Adv. Pavitra panwar has been providing legal service to clients since 17 and having 8-10+ years of legal expertise along with standing Court Practice. Adv. Pavitra panwar Constantly focused on resolving legal issues and always looking for ways to improve processes.

Adv. Pavitra panwar is also known for writing up legal documents like will, trusts and gifts, providing accurate, giving oral arguments in a court of law, advising clients on their legal rights and obligations and also for timely and effective legal advice to the clients.

Adv. Pavitra panwar is expert in cases related to Criminal Law . Adv. Pavitra panwar is residing at Ghaziabad & Uttar Pradesh and practicing at District Court, Ghaziabad. Adv. Pavitra panwar's Bar Council ID is: D/388/17.

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