Basic information


The registered office of a Company or LLP is the principle place of business for a private/ public limited company and all official correspondence from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs is sent to this location. The registered office of a Company or LLP can be changed within the local limits of any city, town or village where such office is situated by passing merely a board resolution and giving notice to the concerned Registrar of Companies within 30 days after the date of the Board Meeting.


Approval of members is required; the registered office is shifted from one village, town or city etc. to the other village, town or city within the same state. Where registered offices are shifted either from one State to another State or From Jurisdiction of one ROC to another, approval of the members of the Company and the Jurisdictional Regional Director is required by filing the Petition with them.


Highlights Of Registered Office Changes


1. Registered Office Change: LEGALRAJ will assist you in the shifting the Registered Office of your company by following the legal procedures.


2. Advisory: The procedure for changing the Registered Office of a company depends on the nature of change. We will advise you on this after perusal of your case.


3. Timelines, Drafting etc.: We will help you to legally follow the procedure and comply with legal formalities applicable at each stage, once you obtain an understanding of the procedures involved, it will be hassle free to change the registered office.


4. Filing: We will timely file applicable returns, documents and other formalities with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs to register the change of address of the Registered Office.