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Digital Signature Certificate (DSC Token)



1. What is Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) ?


Digital Signature Certificates (DSC), like hand written signature, creates your digital identity while filing documents online which the signer can not deny or revoke later. The DSC is equivalent to physical or paper certificates for identification and signing.

a. PAN Card Copy.

b. Aadhaar Card Copy..

c. Colour Photo of Applicant.

d. DSC processing with certifying Authority.

DSC Token is Ready.


2. There are three types of DSC:


Class-1 DSC,

Class-2 DSC, and

Class-3 DSC


3. Validity of DSC:


Generally DSC is valid for 1 to 2 years form their creation and thereafter they just need to be renewed while the container (Token) will be the same.


4. What documents are required for obtaining the DSC ?


a. PAN

b. Aadhaar Card, &

c. Latest Passport size colour photograph. 


5. What can be the reasons for rejection of DSC Registration ?


a. Abbreviating names:

Abbreviation of names of applicant names should be avoided since it will create the mismatching between the DSC name and Name as per the govt. records which will disrupt the govt. reporting or filing.


b. Spelling mistakes:

Spelling errors should be avoided while mentioning the name an applicant.


c. Old Address Proofs:

Address proofs should not be older than 2 months and must be in the name of the applicant for maintenance of proper data in the Digital Certificate. This certificate is the Digital Identity of the signing person hence it creates serious criminal liability while dealing with any person or business entity whether govt. or private.


d. Prefixes:

An applicant has to provide the name exactly as per the govt. records and should avoid writing prefix such as Mr. /Mrs. /Shri. etc.