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Appointment Letter (Drafting)





Appointment Letter is a guarantee given by an Employer about the job or position in that company. Appointment letter is next step of interaction between the employer and employee.


An Appointment letter is legally binding document that confirms a company has offered a position to an employee and the employee has accepted the terms and conditions of the employment. The appointment letter gives the detail information about role of the employee play in the company. This letter ultimately serves as a contract and it is important to have the company’s terms and condition for employment.




1. TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT : Appointment Letter specifically provides the terms and conditions of an employment so in the event of dispute between the employer and employee regarding any terms and conditions of employment. Appointment letter is documentary evidence.

2. COMMITMENT : Appointment letter also covers the clause of commitment of an employment so employee shall not terminate his engagement from the employment in midterm of employment without giving prior written notice to the employer and as per the clause mentioned in the appointment letter.

3. SALARY CLAUSE : Appointment letter also covers the salary amount and the provision regarding the bonus as well as various monitory benefit which will be provided by the employer to the employee are covered under the appointment letter.