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HR Policy(drafting)





Clear and effective HR policies are an essential ingredient of any successful start-up or small business. HR Policies set out clear ground rules for employees and protect the rights of employers and employees. HR Policy contains many policies like leave policy, Drug and Alcohol Policy, Grievance Policy, Internet and Email Policy.




1. RULES AND REGULATION : HR Policy specifically gives clarification about rules and regulations of organization. If rules and regulations which are mentioned in the HR policy are not followed by the employee there will be good stand from the side of employer.


2. BENEFIT TO EMPLOYEE : HR policies also gives benefit to employee, Clauses regarding bonus, working hours, and many more clauses defines various rights of employees in case of any dispute in future regarding the payment and working hours Hr Policies are beneficial to both the employer and employee.


3. NOTICE PERIOD : HR Policy also specifically provide for the notice period so in case of resignation of employee he/she need to serve the notice period and also follow the full and final settlement procedure which is also beneficial to the organization.