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Non Disclosure Agreement (Drafting)





In the era of commerce and trade everyone is interested in executing new plansand idea. As a businessman there are many times when you need to share your plans, strategies, ideas with the employees and other person, you may worried about whether the employee will share the said confidential information to anybody, that the competitor will steal your plansand ideas to improve their own business . There is an easy way to remove all this worries. You can use non-disclosure agreement to protect your company’s confidential information each time.


Non-Disclosure agreement is also known as confidentiality agreement. It is a contract between two parties that prohibit the other party from sharing of information that has been disclosed them.




1. PROTECTION OF BUSINESS IDEAS : Non-Disclosure agreement protects the business ideas. The information which will be considered as the confidential information is defined in the clause of the confidential information.


2. KEEP A COMPETITIVE EDGE : By signing a Non-disclosure agreement employees are bind to not to disclose the secretes of your company or projects of your company with anybody. And also non-disclosure agreement One of the biggest benefits to a non-disclosure agreement is the help you help keep your competitive edge. As the employee of your company are bind to not to share your secrets and projects with anybody it helps you to keep your projects under wraps until they can be developed or patented. And it also ensures that the other companies don’t take your ideas or your plans.


3. PROTECT NEWS ON GROWTH : If your company is not publicly traded company then Non-disclosure agreements helps you to protect the growth of your business from being made public. With a non-disclosure agreement in place, you have time to get your affairs in order and quietly reorganize.


4. IMPORTANT IN LEGAL MATTER : If you will not sign the non-disclosure agreement the Court is not going to protect you in the matter of leakage of your secrets. You will only leaving yourself open more to court scrutiny and heartache. The court is more likely to favor you in the event one of these agreements is shown. This agreement shows the court you are doing what you need to, in order to protect yourself.