PAN is abbreviation of Permanent Account Number. It is a 10-Digit Alphanumeric Number issued by Income Tax Department to all Indian Citizens. PAN Card is issued to show the PAN wherever needed. PAN Card is universally accepted as a Valid ID proof across the Country e.g. to enter into legal agreements, to apply for Loans, to open Bank Account and so on.


One can also file an application, for rectification in or updation of PAN details whenever needed or directed by any competent authority in case there is any change(s) in the PAN data of the Assesee, with Income Tax Authority. LegalRaj will help you to get New updated PAN Card which also helps to update other documents like Voter ID, Bank Account details, Adhaar (UIDAI) details, etc.


Expected Time: LegalRaj Expert can help you to obtain the Permanent Account Number (PAN) in 5 – 7 working days subject to processing time taken by the concerned Income Tax authorities and fulfillment of the prescribed valid documents by the client.




1. PAN is a Valid Proof of Identity recognized everywhere across the Nation.

2. PAN is very basic and inevitable document to legitimately carry on any (legal) business, to enter into a Financial Transactions, to import from or export to foreign nationals etc.

3. It is inevitable document for obtaining the Insurance (Life or General).

4. PAN is important for opening of DEMAT account for trading in stock market, real estate business or transactions, etc.