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Retainership Services of Company / LLP (Yearly)




Basic information



Compliance means conforming to a rules, regulations, acts, policies or standards.  Compliance are required as it obligates organizations to work in line with the applicable law of land. Compliances ensure that the incorporation and business of a Company/ LLP are in conformity with the applicable law. Compliance help Company/ LLP earn prestige in the eyes of law and the general public which on the long run which have strong and positive implications upon any new and big projects of the organizations in future such as bring an Initial Public Offer (IPO), Merger & Amalgamation, Foreign Collaboration and Joint venture with well known Foreign Multi-National Corporations, working with some  big Government Projects for public welfare, attract handsome borrowings from landers and investors, creation of employment opportunity in the country, attract huge market share by creating loyal customer base and so on….


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What services are covered under Retainership of Company or LLP ?


1. Statutory Registers:

Preparation, maintenance and updation of all the Statutory Registers as and when required under the Companies Act, 2013, such as Register of Members and Index of Members, Register of Directors and KMP, Register of Directors shareholdings and so on.


2. Minutes and Resolutions: 

Preparation of Minutes of all the Meetings when conducted throughout the entire financial year and the resolution as passed therein;​​​​


3. Company Annual Filing Compliance:

Preparation and filing of Form AOC-4 for filing of annual audited financial statements, Form MGT-7 for filing of Annual Return of the Company and Form ADT-1 for Appointment of Statutory Auditor of the Company in AGM;​​​​​​​


4. Partners Meeting Minutes (In case of LLP):

Preparation of Minutes of the meetings of Partners of the LLP whenever conducted throughout the entire financial year and the resolutions as passed therein;​​​​​​


5. Preparation and filing of any changes in and charges of the LLP:

Whenever there are any change in the LLP Agreement due to Addition or resignation of partners in or from the LLP and whenever the LLP wants to register the Charge upon Borrowings from banks or financial institutions, then necessary compliance is required to be be such as preparation and filing Revised and Re-instated LLP Agreement (that is Supplemental LLP Agreement) and filing of necessary forms with ROC for charge creation towards borrowings by the LLP.


6. LLP Annual Filing Compliance:

Preparation and filing of LLP Form – 8 for filing of Statements of Accounts and Solvency with ROC and LLP Form – 11 for Annual Return of the LLP;



What are the advantages of the Retainership offer for Company LLP ?​​​​​​​


1. Timely compliance creates track records of Partnership Firm in the eyes of Law.​​​​​​​


2. Hefty and stringent penalties are avoided.​​​​​​​


3. Easy Borrowing opportunity for Companies or LLPs having regular compliance history.​​​​​​​


4. Fast approval when Company or LLP goes for any new ventures due to clear image in the eyes of Law such as Joint Venture and collaboration with Foreign entity and many more advantages are there.​​​​​​


5. Directors or Partners are saved from personal tax implications and heavy income tax penalties and inquiries and the Company law penalties.



What will you receive in Retainership of Company LLP package ?



  1. Complete Documentation for regular and eventual compliances
  2. Regular compliance at a very reasonable cost
  3. DSC Renewal as and when required
  4. Statutory updates on regular basis so as to avoid any non-compliance
  5. Drafting of resolutions for Company or LLP
  6. Maintenance of Statutory Registers
  7. Maintenance of Minutes of the meeting of the Company
  8. Professional advice on management decisions as and when requested by the Company or LLP.



What Documents are required for the Retainership offer for Company LLP ?



  1. Income Tax PAN of the Company or LLP
  2. Certificate of Incorporation of the Company or LLP
  3. Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association in case of Company
  4. LLP Agreement in case of LLP
  5. Valid and active DSC Token of Director in case of Company
  6. Valid and active DSC Tokens of 2 Designated Partners in case of LLP



How LeglaRaj will help under Retainership offer for Company LLP ?



1. Understanding of requirements:


Our team will be conducting the review of the assignment and accordingly expert guidance will be provided with a professional approach towards the regular and eventual compliance and its planning and its timelines and how to proceed with it.


2. Documentation:


After going through your requirements we will prepare the documents relating to the regular and eventual compliance.


3. Filing of forms & Returns:


After all the formalities and processes are completed, our expert will arrange for preparing and filing of necessary documents, returns and forms with the jurisdictional Registrar of Companies (RoC) in around 5 - 10 working days.