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ROC Annual Filing of Company




Basic information



Pursuant to the provisions of Section 137 (1) of the Companies Act, 2013 and the rules made thereunder, every company is required to file its financial statements with the jurisdictional Registrar of Companies within 30 days (for One Person Company, within 180 days from the closure of the financial year) from the date of the Annual General Meeting in which the Annual Audited Financial Statements are adopted in Form AOC-4 or AOC-4 XBRL as the case may be and as per the provisions of Section 92 the Companies Act, 2013 and the rules made thereunder, every Company is required to prepare and file the Annual Return within 60 days from the date of Annual General Meeting of the Company.


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What are the advantages of the ROC annual filings ?


1. Timely compliance creates track records for company in the eyes of Law.


2. Hefty and stringent penalties are avoided; (INR. 1000 per day for Company and INR. 100 per day for LLP).​​​​​​​


3. Easy Borrowing opportunity for company having regular compliance history.​​​​​​​


4. Fast approval when company goes for any new ventures due to clear image in the eyes of Law such as IPO, Merger & Amalgamation, Joint Venture with Foreign entity, Listing of Shares on Stack Exchanges and many more advantages are there.​​​​​​​


5. Directors are saved from being Disqualified due to non-filing of financial statements and annual return



What will you receive in Company ROC Annual Filing package ?



  1. Filed Form AOC-4 & its paid challan
  2. Filed Form MGT-7 & its paid challan
  3. Professional guidance on completion of ROC annual filing compliance
  4. Certification of forms AOC-4 and MGT-7
  5. Updated Master Data and clean track record of your company
  6. Upto date records of the Company, if asked for.
  7. DSC token of the Director for filing of ROC compliance forms



What are the forms to be filed in Company ROC Annual Filing ?


There are two Forms are required to be filled for the LLP ROC annual filing:

  1. 1. Form AOC-4 for Financial Statements
  2. 2. Form MGT-7 for Annual Return



What is the process for the LLP ROC Annual Filing?



Step 1: Provide us with the Certified and Audited Financial statements of the Company

Step 2: We will prepare the draft documents and send it to you for signature

Step 3: On receipt of signed documents from you we will arrange for filing of forms

Step 4: Receive approval Email from the MCA office upon successful ROC annual filing



What Documents are required for the Company ROC Annual Filing ?



  1. Income Tax PAN of the Company
  2. Valid and active DSC Token of a Director
  3. Financials Statements of the Company prepared and certified by the Chartered Accountant of the Company



How LeglaRaj will help with the Company ROC Annual Filing ?



1. Understanding of requirements:

Our team will be conducting the review of the assignment and accordingly expert guidance will be provided with a professional approach towards the ROC annual filing and its timelines and how to proceed with it.


2. Documentation:

After going through your requirements we will prepare the documents relating to the ROC annual filing.


3. Filing of forms & Returns:

After all the formalities and processes are completed, our expert will arrange for preparing and filing of necessary forms and returns with the jurisdictional Registrar of Companies (RoC) in around 5 - 10 working days.