Basic information:



ROC Search Report is an important tool in the hands of the landers mainly the Banks and financial institutions. The Borrowers might be the Company or the LLP but ROC Search Report provides key information such as financial soundness of the Company or LLP form its financial statements, overall compliance status in the eyes of law and any type of encumbrances on the existing properties of the Company or LLP which is usually prepared and drafted by Professionals and serves as important feed for critical analysis.


ROC Search Report is prepared by the competent professionals on the basis of reports and forms filed by the Company or LLP with the jurisdictional ROC through MCA Portal.



What details are included in the ROC Search Report ?



  1. Name and CIN of Company
  2. Registered Office Address
  3. Capital Structure
  4. List of Directors & Promoters
  5. Directorships in other entities of existing Directors & Promoters
  6. Shareholding Pattern of the Company
  7. List of Registered Charges and details of charges which are satisfied
  8. Forms filed by the Company during the particular F.Y. under ROC compliance
  9. Assets and Liabilities Status from the financial statements of the Company
  10. Any other details (if specifically required)



What are the Key Features of ROC Search Report ?




LEGALRAJ Experts will assist you in preparation and certifying of the ROC Search Report of your Company / LLP.


What will you receive in ROC Search Report package ?



  1. Complete ROC search.
  2. Govt. fees payment.
  3. ROC Search Report duly certified.
  4. All the financial statements filed by the Company.
  5. All the Incorporation documents of the Company.



What is the process for ROC Search Report ?


Step 1: Receipt of inquiry from you


Step 2: We provide you the list of details required


Step 3: You provide us with all the details required and make advance payment of our fees


Step 4: We start processing the documents and send the PDF files for your records.



What Documents are required for ROC Search Report ?



  1. Company Name with CIN no.
  2. Company PAN Card copy.
  3. Advance Payment of our fees.