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Software Development Agreement (Drafting)





A software development agreement is a contract where one party (the Developer) agrees to develop a software application for another party (the Client). Whilst design and development processes can vary, depending on the complexity of your project and the team you employ, there are a number of key questions that are universally valid and should be considered when agreeing the contract.




1. CONFIDENTIALITY CLAUSE : Clause of confidentiality plays very important role in the software development agreement. It protects the various confidential information of client and their project, all the marketing strategies of client. Also confidentiality clause gives clarification in case of breach.


2. TRAINING : Software development agreement also covers the clause of training, after the completion of software development and handover of software to the client this clause of training protects the right of client to train by Software Development Company.


3. WARRANTY: Warranty and maintenance of software after the completion of software development is also one of the most important aspects for any person. Software development agreement also provides the clause of warranty which is very beneficial to client as well as developer because this clause clarify for which purpose the developer gives guarantee.